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This wedding is horeshit

2014-11-23 01:04:51 horseorg

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Why is Health Care in Such a State of Disarray and Horror?

2014-10-16 17:05:49 horseorg

Health care. The most basic human need outside of food and shelter. We need to be able to stay alive and be healthy and get access to modern treatments and technologies that can help with whatever disease or physical ailments we have. Right?


Maybe not.

There were plenty of healthy people before the conveniences of modern science and medicine. In fact, maybe we just screwed things up. Maybe we don’t need to be spending all of this money on research and science. What exactly does that get us?

Every time I turn around, I see cases of people who are suffering at the hand of modern health care. I see women who are going through bladder mesh lawsuits to be compensated for the damages they’ve experienced. I see men who are going through low testosterone lawsuits because of poor and horrible consequences to the treatments and prescriptions being offered to solve the problem of low T. Not good. We can do better, can’t we?

Can’t food, herbs and the things the planet has to offer us suffice for the healing remedies that we really need?

These are solid questions we should all be asking before we go to see a doctor, or head to the emergency room, or go the hospital. What would humans have done in 500 B.C.? What would they have done in 1643? Ask the question! Perhaps your medical disaster could actually be a blessing in disguise.

I call horse shit on the health care industry and all of those profiting from suffering.

Something to think about — watch this:

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